A new beginning...

With a combined experience of over 45 years in the TV and media sector, we're starting a new adventure; innovation is at the heart of it.

Raj Patel (Panthera Tigris), started his career in TV with VBI Packet 31 transmission. Since then, he's dabbled in interactive TV, ran a international games business, launch numerious services and platforms.

And now making TV Operators fight the big boys. He hasn't looked back. Find out more about him...

Gary Knowles (Cavia Porcellus) started life as a 6502 programmer, then became a COBOL programmer, then a VB programmer, then OLE / COM Windows programmer, then a real-time embedded C programmer. He's now a Javascript programmer. He's hoping to return to the Commodore 64 projects in retirement.


Technical Consultancy

Applications ● Integrations ● Solutions ● Operations

The market changes rapidly with technolgies, providers and standards, which one should I adopt for my business?

Should I own my hardware, co-locate my equipment or use The Cloud? What services are available, how best can I use them?

You need specifications to provide to manufacturers, what do I provide to my suppliers? How do they integrate and work together? Who is responsible and owning the project delivery?

My delivery manager is saying one thing, my architect is saying another, the developers are waiting, the product managers are scribbling, the operations are outsourced. The customers don't care and finally the business is asking "Where is it?"


Yotta can help with development and deployment. And beyond.


TV Operator Applications

Where TV Platform Operators engage deeper with their customers

Today's TV Operators provide content accessible over Terrestrial, Satellite, Cable & OTT networks.

New entrants are converging into this space. TV Operators are holding onto their existing customer base, but they need to provide new features & support existing ones for their customers.

TV Operators are looking for new innovations!

Yotta Media Labs can help you with Operator Applications, hosting, and data analytics.


The Knowledge

The experience and knowledge we bring to our clients.

Broadcast Headends

Understanding of playout, transmission and uplinking. Conditional Access & inteactive applications integration with headend systems.

Cloud Platforms

Onprem, co-location, AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, Rackspace, Peer1 and many more...

Interactive TV Applications

HbbTV, HTML5, Android, iOS, OpenTV, MHEG5 ... (and many other legacy technologies also)

Formal Specifications

Creating specifications & standards being part of your documentation set.

Security & Data Protection

Conditional Access, DRM, TLS, CI+, EMM, ECM, authenication, tokens and encryption

Real-Time Embedded C

Set Top Box middleware design and implementation, system integration and Hardware Abstraction Layers


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